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Let me ask you, as an adult with all of your life experience, did you think the world would really turn out like this, that your life would be like this?

Did you think it would be better, more harmonious and fulfilling. Do you still have those brilliant dreams for your life?

You're still young yet it feels like you've lost your zing... Like you're stuck in a career and a life that doesn't make you feel alive.

Yet, you're grateful for the job at these uncertain times. So you just keep plodding along. Hoping something will change.

Wouldn't you love to feel really alive?

To be unshakeable in the path you are creating?

If you are seeking to make a transition to uncover and live your mission, in passion and practicality then this is for you.

Let me tell you you are not alone and there is ONE THING, one thing, that could change it all and be your turning point.

A change that will create the life you want. Rich with those beautiful experiences, full of wonder, vitality, playfulness and pleasure.

When was the last time you felt total coherence in your mind, body and spirit? Like you were God-like?

Have you ever felt that? A mix of ecstasy and focus, calmness and alertness. 

That sense of wholeness and connection, of bliss. It's the feeling that if your life were to end suddenly you had known how to live.

Hi I’m Alistair Hart entrepreneurial mystic and author. As an international yogi I teach yoga, meditation, surfing and life coaching in tropical resorts.

Before coming to embody the life of my dreams I was living in the 'dead-zone'  - in a life of mediocrity. Following a predictable life plan with a little bit of hustle.

It was safe, mildly exciting, and I had a lot to be grateful for but it wasn't my passion or soul's purpose. 

I was chasing money, status and the 'successful startup exit'. Thinking once I had 'it' I could live my dreams.

This lack of coherence keep me in the mundane motions of the rat race. All the while my internal world was a mess.

Deep down I was seeking, so hard at times. Seeking for my path and place in the world. Hoping something would change, a lightening bolt moment.

Month by month, year by year, time passed by. Even my business ideas and projects that we're gonna 'make it big' failed.

Having rolled the dice and lost financially a few times I thought it was best to play it safe from now on in. Yet, each day, the norm was crushing my soul. 

It was like life was slipping away from me. Eventually I started to develop health issues and so I began that journey to find out why.

No matter how many specialists, doctors, alternative therapists, psychics, fortune tellers, shamans and coaches I saw only I could change my situation.

My biggest fear, was fear itself. The fear of the unknown inside of me, riddled with self-doubt.

I was in a holding pattern. I felt trapped and frustrated that I had managed to tie myself up in knots and commitments to other people.

Commitments I couldn't imagine breaking. A job, a relationship and friends. I felt locked into a Plan B, or C, maybe even D life.


How did I managed to FU*CK things up so bad that I couldn't accept this was my life and I felt guilty for that.


Fast forward, and now I live a simple but beautiful life, aligned to my heart and soul.

Living in exotic locations (currently the Maldives), writing, creating and exploring my passions as a way of living.

I turned my vision board into my mission that has taken me abroad and today I want to show you how you can do it too.

Today I am so wealthy, in mind, body and spirit and it's all because of one thing.

This is where your all of our stories begin. They begin within. 



Like any young person full of vision and potential I wanted to have that ‘dream life’.

I’d stick pictures up on my walls of exotic locations, immersed in nature. I wanted to be surrounded by wildlife and inspiring people who were living and connected to their own purpose. 

I followed the so called “success plan” from going to university, completing a double masters and starting multiple businesses. Only to climb the corporate ladder thinking I would unlock this dream life, one day.

Nothing made me feel complete or happy and it felt like I had missed something. Like the magic was gone. I felt like I was wearing someone else's clothes.

Once things started to breakdown around me I tried listening to my heart. So I started to gain skills and cred in my passions, but I lacked the confidence to step into them. So I kept them hidden. 

Yeah right, was I going to tell my boss that I wanted to live on a beach, surf teach yoga to kids and adults, and guide people into soulful living.

Especially when I was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, often ill and feeling trapped.

Trapped into thinking that I had to continue investing into a life that wasn't working. I knew nothing would change until I accepted myself and my truth. For me, that was hard.

Deep down I still had no idea what I was doing or where I was going.

Riddled with self-worth and self-doubt I was paralysed into inaction.

I prayed to the Universe often but I had trouble listening to the answers, the answers in my heart. 

Sometimes, when you are willing but lack the confidence to trust the Greater Intelligence of Life, aka the Universe/God will make the change for you.

For me, that meant the company I worked in folded and I was out on my ass. I had no choice but to start from scratch.

But still I didn’t listen, job application after job application, interview after interview nothing was working.

Unemployed with rent due I knew I had to create some space and time for me to wait for the plan to unfold.

I went back to cleaning dishes, pouring beers and working with children in after-school care. It was simple but it gave my soul some much needed rest and made me happier.

I remember cleaning the table at work one day and some former clients were sitting there.

Only months before I had been charging them tens of thousands of dollars for technology development.

Now here I was, filling their glasses, smiling and grateful for the job and casual lifestyle by the beach.

They asked me, with shock "Alistair, hey, what are you doing here?"

All I could say was that "I've changed careers and I am following my heart in the wellbeing space."

There response was "you mean like a quarter-life crisis? haha".

I said, "well, yeah except this isn't a crisis it is a choice. I'm not going to wait until it becomes a serious problem with regret."

They looked at each other and one said "I would do the same, but I have kids, a job, a mortgage."

We looked into each others eyes, I wiped the crumbs off the table and said "there is always a way".

The truth is if you are not happy doing what you do then that is going to impact your family.

It will develop into a resentment for being stuck in something that you despise.

If you don't have a family yet you have a massive opportunity to sort yourself before you start one.

If you're honest with yourself you know you could work three, four or even five jobs to make your dream work. My mum did that for me and my brother. 

The key is knowing how to prepare your energy and prime yourself so that the new life can start to unfold.  

There is 'the plan' and then there is the 'protocol' to get there. Fast.

It was during this time that I started to apply everything I learned over the years and got back in touch with that inner knowing. The one I hadn't been listening to.

I had already met so many teachers, gurus, shamans, healers, mentors, millionaires, successful people, artists, mystics and creators. All of them told me the same thing.

In this divine mystery you have to trust and take the first step for the second step to appear.

That's just what I did. I walked off the set of one life and another life started to unfold. 

It wasn't glorious and it was full of uncertainty. Yet, it was how I dealt with it that changed everything.

I started applying this ONE THING each day. Life started to became more incredible than the last because of this new awareness. 

I started to look back into my life experiences and I could see all of the signposts that were pointing me into the next step.

It was so obvious, my entire life had been filled with these clues about who I was and where I was going. 

I saw that every event and experience in my life up until this point were all preparing me to see what was right under my nose. The same is true for everyone else.

The power to change my entire life and have a fulfilling and awe-inspiring day came from the simple things done in a specific way. It was all about a unique change in perspective, in awareness.

By following this one thing, I could change my state of being, and how I felt, which would change what happened in my life.

Even the mundane daily tasks of cleaning a toilet became a part of a powerful process that gave me energy and focus, that attracted beautiful things into my life.

This is the power of that ONE THING.

And that one thing is a simple life protocol with profound techniques.

All designed to harness and build energy in your life. Energy to create the opportunities and experiences from your highest potential. 

Once you know the protocol you can unf#ck your life and start creating the one of your dreams to be lived each day.

All by unlocking your purpose and living from a place of sacred connection. 

So that’s what I did. I started implementing and practising these ancient and modern techniques and things changed.

Some things more gradually than others but everything changed.

It was like the season of my life had changed, like I moved from Winter to Spring. The colours of life were brighter, I felt so much lighter. I could see opportunities before where there were only challenges.

I started to experience the dream life every day because I realised I was already on the path. The path that lead me to my purpose.

Something this one thing can do for you.


If I can do it you can do it too.

I’m the guy who even though had an early connection to a sense of deeper connection I went the opposite way.   

A journey that tied me up in knots, made me confused, conflicted, broke, depressed and feeling trapped.

I wondered if the best years were behind me and if the magic in my life had left me. I never thought I’d find my life purpose and unlock my uniqueness.

If you’re reading this today you’re probably feeling stuck, frustrated and perhaps uncertain about your life.

You know you want to change, deep down you know you’re made for more than how the circumstances you are in now make you feel.

Everything has been leading you up until this moment. So be grateful for that.

Today is your day to change and to take the first step on that journey into your dreams.

Into your happiness, into your heart and soul. 

This one thing will provide you with the freedom you seek.


Fast forward to today and I am invited to share my gifts at resorts and festivals around the world part of the year while I travel for the rest of the year helping incredible clients through my online business offer my unique gifts.  

I can tell you that no matter where I am or what I am doing I am connected to this powerful source of energy within me that makes every day magical. Energy that creates opportunities and adventures and brings me into manifesting more and more. 


The pride you feel when you know the beautiful idyllic life you see through your eyes is a reflection of your inner world. The truth that all of this bliss, harmony and pleasure you are experiencing is created by you and maintained by you. 


Or maybe it’s the way your friends, family and even colleagues look at you when they see the light beaming through you, connected to something so powerful they can’t help but ask, how?

No matter what drives you to want to create a life that makes sense to you this one thing is key. 


How much is your life worth? How about a decade of it? 

How do you even begin to answer that?

Yet, that is what we do everyday with our choices and actions.

I honestly spent 5 years of my life going in circles because I didn't value myself enough.

Once I started applying this one thing everything changed. Now each day is a dream and I want to show you how you can do the same.

This easy-to-do life enhancing protocol turns your life around.

Each day contains very specific and targeted techniques that will release you from the heaviness of the past and open up your inner energy.

Some techniques only need to be done once, others you can use every day. It’s up to you.

That’s the beauty of this powerful system of transformation, once you apply it everything changes. 

This entire system has taken me a lifetime to learn, from countless wise elders and some very specalised practitioners that charge more for an hour that I made in a month.

From that one hour I got one technique. Seriously.

I saved for months to have a one hour session with a world class practitioner and he provided me with one technique. 

Albeit a critical one. This is woven into this entire system.

A system and coaching program that is valued at $24,999. It's worth 10x that, considering the amount of time, energy and money that has gone into it.

However, if you are a successful application this program will be available for $5,000.

If this invitation isn’t enough to push you over the edge, this will.

If you apply today, I’m including my latest human enhancement protocol - mindfulness and meditations.

This takes the ONE THING and uses it to unlock and apply the power of meditation and mindfulness for life.

Everyone knows the power and enriching benefits of meditation yet so many people struggle.

The ONE THING will help you to achieve your dream life and this additional program will nurture you and nourish you as you grow. 

No matter what happens on the journey that the ONE THING unlocks if you continue to use these simple, ancient and powerful meditation techniques you will become unstoppable. 

On top of this life-changing practice of meditation and mindfulness I am going to give you an additional Breath-work program.

Believe it or not most people don’t know how to breathe. In this additional program I go into detail on how to activate specific areas of your body so you can generate more energy and vitality into your body.

The breath-work program with the meditation and mindfulness program are designed to work together.

With these two additional programs you will enhance the quality of your life. Increasing your concentration, focus, sex drive and awareness while reducing stress, and anxiety.

I teach this program around the world and it’s changed the lives of hundreds of people. 

AND, throughout this process I have gone and sought out some incredible musicians and healers that know how to curate music so as to help transform your state quickly.

Having worked together I created some powerful guided meditations that will upgrade your reality. I’m including those into the offer as well. Download them onto your phone and you are on your way. 

Also a big part of my success, contentment and happiness is the connect to the power of giving. So 10% of your purchase will be going to support women’s shelters, for those most vulnerable women and children suffering from domestic and family violence.

This donation is a contribution to bring this energy of harmony and wellbeing where its needed most in the world. 

So click the button below and get yours right away. The MASSIVE discount and the free bonuses are gone once the time hits zero. 

Oh - one more thing. I want to speak to those folks out there who feel like they have tried everything to get their life on track and to feel more empowered, enriched and supported. 

These are the folks who have done the workshops, seen the healers, coaches and the fortune tellers, the guides and the counselors, launched their businesses and projects but still are not where they want to be.

I know exactly how you feel. I’ve been so low at times I hoped that someone would wave a magic wand and tell me what the heck I was supposed to do to make my life my dream happen.

The potions and shamanic medicines I have drank and the fasts I have done to wait for the ‘ah ha’ moment is a massive journey in itself.

And I want you to know that I’ve got your back. You’ll know if this is for you within the first couple of days, a week at the max. 

But I don’t want you to feel rushed. So if you are successful and complete the entire program, tasks included, and you are in the same place as when you started the entire program, I’ll provide your money back no questions asked.

A full refund.. 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

So you can’t go wrong here. This really is the ONE THING that can turn your life around and create the life of your dreams.

It can unlock a path that has been waiting for you your entire life, fast. I guarantee it’ll work just like I say or I’ll provide your money back.

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We only work with those you are ALL IN.

Are you?

Be Unashamedly Yourself   


Live Aligned to Your Purpose and Meaning

Build Indestructible Self Worth


Overcome People Pleasing

Enhance your Vitality, Joy And Bliss


Develop a Lifelong Self-Care Toolkit.



  • Learn about your unique template and life path.
  • Uncover Your Unique Genius.
  • Align To Your Soul's Purpose.
  • Release old stories and patterns.
  • Cultivate a powerful personal daily practice.
  • Enhance Your Body.
  • Train and Calm Your Mind.
  • Re-Wire Your Thinking.
  • Cultivate More Bliss, Joy and Pleasure.
  • Map Out The Path To Your Dream Life, in Practical Terms.
  • Strengthen Your Intuition and Psychic Senses.
  • Learning about the chakra system and etheric fields, including exercise in how to sense and perceive them.
  • Protecting your energy field (including information on the energy and what’s flying around you!) 
  • Overcoming negativity and dogging energy vampires. 
  • Victim, Rescuer, Persecutor (Getting outside the triangle). 
  • Separating self-worth issues verses the inner ego critic and the ego’s of others.
  • Healing from the past, releasing anxiety and mind techniques to get you through life’s challenges.
  • Learning from your past (finding the gift from suffering and analysing your life as a spiritual journey).
  • Craft Your Own Personal Mythology. 

  • Breath-Work Program (BONUS)

  • Meditation and Mindfulness Program (BONUS)

  • Guided Meditation Series

All of this is an inner path, more than any degree of study or external qualification this is a life alignment. Living from this place ensures everything else that comes to be is orientated towards your strengths. 

If you want to live life on your terms then let us begin. 

$24,999 now $4,999

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Build unshakeable self-worth, clarity and confidence by carving out your life path. This includes creating a life-long self-care protocol built for vitality, pleasure and strength.  












It is a course that shares ancient wisdom and techniques that are necessary for making a life truly worth living. Instead of a mundane life, you can have a magical one! Why not spend everyday in your bliss? Why not? It is possible to wake up every day to a life that is sacred, full of passion, connected to what brings you joy, and thriving in abundance. It is possible! This course helps you start to make that life for yourself.


Before to start this course, I thought this is a simple course and after finish it my life will be the same. Fortunately, I was completely wrong! It was life changing. For someone that is starting her spiritual journey, this is the course that gives you the foundations to do a inner travel and to discover your true power. Thank you!


I gained the awareness of self inflicted procrastination and also of the fact I was not longer doing personal things that I love and lifted my soul. I've gained value of self love and the full understanding of its importance has a main tool to connect to all that is self. Now I cultivate the beautiful habit of making myself the priority of my pwn life, with patience, compassion and understanding of this wonderful journey.


This course reassured me of who I am. As an energetic being, I am capable of changing and creating my life experience. It taught me how to reduce my anxiety and trust and love myself more. It showed me what I valued most and why. It was extremely supportive. Everyone was so kind, on their own journey, had their own stories and Alistair can never be faulted for what he has to teach and what he puts into this.


The course gave me a new perspective of the world we live in, I was able to understand the principles of how energy works and how to protect myself from negative waves. I completed the course feeling much more connected to myself, more aware of my strengths and also with the feeling that I have everything I need to make changes to the behaviours/patterns that I carry since ever and I need to reconsider to have a more balanced life.