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Live a soul-satisfying life in times of great change.


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Awareness is 90% transformation. May this tool help bring awareness into your life.


What's Your Highest Calling?

If you know you are unique and are here for a reason then make some space for your heart. It doesn't mean quitting your job, it means loving yourself while you do it.

Unlock Your Uniqueness 

We all have a dream, a desire to know about our true nature and purpose.

Regardless of what is unfolding in the world, who we are at our core is always with us. Wellbeing is no different.

We are a community of everyday people exploring our highest callings. This makes us the game-changer generation. 

Some of us have 'made the jump' into our heartfelt passions. Many of us work the 9-5 but are passionately exploring 'the thing' that we love.

We do this because it gives us energy and joy. It fuels us and nourishes us. Connecting to oneself in this way, supports the mind, body and soul.

It's authentic living, from the heart. Living that turns the tide on depression, anxiety and burn-out. 

Living a higher quality of life means, more impact, more freedom, more bliss and more joy, and in the long-run potentially more money.

We are self-governed leaders in government, private enterprise, technology, law, education, start-ups, health, art and investment.

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Success, Fulfilment and Happiness

Everything starts from the inside out.



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 'Unf*ck Your Life' IMPACT TRAINING 

Unlock Yourself and step into your future.

Your path is written in your past, your happiness and your heart.

Our 5 Step Program will unpack your 'Life Data', leverage your lessons and carve out the path of your highest potential.

So that you can have a quality of life that is more connected, content and inspired.  

Get more than your 'zing back' in 2020, get your life fast-tracked into bliss, connection and overflowing self-love. Discover your Mission.

This is a once-in-a-life-time journey from the comfort of your home.

Apply today and:

  • Activate your Meditation Mastery

  • Build A High Energy Body

  • Zero-in on Your Soul's Purpose and Meaning

  • Overcome Fear

  • Heal Old Wounds and Stories

  • Build Indestructible Self-Worth

  • Dissolve People Pleasing

  • Make Sense of The World and Your Path In It 

  • Craft a Powerful Yogic Toolkit 

  • Walk the Warrior's Path

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"This space gave me reassurance of who I am as an energetic being, capable of changing and creating my experience here. It taught me how to reduce my anxiety and trust and love myself more. It showed me what I valued most and why. It was extremely supportive."


"I've gained value of self love and the full understanding of its importance has a main tool to connect to all that is self. Now I cultivate the beautiful habit of making myself the priority of my pwn life, with patience, compassion and understanding of this wonderful journey. Namaste."


"Before starting this course, I thought this would be simple and after finishing it my life would be the same. Fortunately, I was completely wrong! For someone that is starting her spiritual journey, this is the course that gives you the foundations to do an inner travel and to discover your true power. Thank you!"


"This course gave me the tools I needed to move forward, with real-life guidance. Our teacher, Alistair, was real, honest, and so encouraging during this course. He was vulnerable enough to share with us his own life lessons and how the tools he taught us worked to transform his life into the successful one it is today. This course also gave me the feeling of community with the other students, so I wasn't so alone. "


The Space Where Media Is A Medicine

Full spectrum wellbeing and soul-satisfying nourishment from those who live their truth. Enjoy our content.

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Meet Your SoulCoach

Alistair Hart 'The Tech Yogi'.

Hartspace founder and CEO Alistair Hart, is a meditation and yoga teacher and esoteric spiritual advisor.

Alistair is a qualified Hatha, Tantra and Vedanta Yoga and Meditation Life Coach. Currently he supports children and adults as a surfing and yoga instructor at world class resorts. He is currently in the Maldives.

Prior to moving into the wellbeing space full time Alistair has a diverse fast paced background in diplomacy, technology development, start-ups, private equity, sales and marketing. 

He has experience in helping entrepreneurs create, launch and successfully scale their 'ideas' into million dollar companies. Alistair realised his deepest calling was to go within and become an intrapreneur following his passions of surfing, energy work and sound healing. Today Alistair works with clients all over the world as surfing yogi. 

Hartspace is a wellbeing platform to support others to discover who they are so they can live life day-to-day with a spark in their heart. Feel free to explore his work and our free and paid resources, or email for a call. 

Meet The Hartspace Mentors

From Corporate Dreamer to Mystic Healer.

I use to be stressed out, burnt out, sick and felt trapped in the mundane cycle. I was 25 already felt over-life!

Until I created a daily practice built around my personal wellbeing.  Everything improved. In time I made a career change.

Hartspace is an iterative system supporting people to express and explore their inner calling. By doing so they live a better quality of life. This creates more vitality, joy and pleasure. It creates an inner freedom.

No matter how old you are you can always create more magic in your life. Many millennials are the one's suffering the greatest right now. Statistically, they are the generation most distressed in recorded history.

We haven't even begun to hit our strides in life yet, and we're checking out on the sidelines... 

My mission is to help them get their zing back and unf*ck their life!

Alistair's Calling

"I am a man of faith, but I'm not religious. Faith for me is knowing there is a Greater Intelligence to Life, that created everything. Living from this place I value my connection to this force above all else. Hartspace for me is the vehicle I used to find my purpose and path and improve my quality of life.

My personal belief systems are my own and you don't have to be "spiritual" to benefit from them. If people are open to transforming their life connecting to this Greater Intelligence is a profound way to do it. It's the path I personally follow. I created a free course with techniques that help people understand what is happening on earth at this time. It's available here."

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CommUNITY Meditations

Hartspace is offering $100,000 worth of free group meditation classes. Empowering people at this time.

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"Being at the table means knowing who you represent, and what you stand for."

Alistair Hart

"We recalibrate leaders, regardless of the levels of outward success, into a ferociously loving force their ancestors are proud of.  "

Alistair Hart

"You are the prayer, you are the mission, you are the portal"

Alistair Hart

10% of all profits going to Women's Community Shelters.

If a man is well, his family is well, if his family is well the world is well.  We support men, women and children. By working with us you do too. 

Proud Partner.

YARN Australia is a Social Enterprise focused on creating relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and non-Indigenous Australians by intentionally connecting with individuals, communities, schools and organisations across the country.


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