Body, Mind and Spirit Coherence.

All you need to create a wildly fulfilling life.


Irritable, uninspired, or increasingly stressed? 

If so, something's gotta change, in you or your environment.  

If any one of these three spheres is not performing optimally, neither are you.

Mindfulness Mastery For Impactful Leaders

If you worry about the future then you are not free.

"Wherever you are, be there" -  Steve Goodier

The present moment is all we ever have, ever. At Hartspace we help people become more productive by being less busy in their mind, body and emotions. 

Your Wellbeing is an Equation

Release tension accumulated throughout a day, online or in person. All bodies welcome. 

Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue with the scientifically proven strategies. 

High level tools and techniques to boost performance, productivity & mental clarity


We are the game-changer generation who choose to have it all. 

It is possible to live 'The Dream Life' while helping the planet and all people. 

Living this higher quality of life means, more impact, more freedom, more bliss and more joy. It's anxiety free authentic living, from the heart.

With Hartspace members in government, private enterprise, technology, law, education, start-ups, health, art and investment we are the future of conscious leadership.

24-41 years old?

Millennial Momentum is For You

Welcome to the world's first online community focused on millennial health and leadership. Join an immersive 3 month experience and align your life, health and career according to your unique purpose. Yes, you have one...

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The Millennial Calling

The Millennial Generation is here to usher in a new way of being in the world.

A product of their time Millennials are mastering the higher levels of EQ awareness and mindfulness.

This is the defining communicating skill of our age.

Welcome to the Millennial Momentum - an exclusive 3 month online group coaching program.

An accelerator for your mind, body and life.

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Everything you want starts from the inside out.

Master Meditation For Life


One Time Payment

The Science of Yogic Meditation

Instructional Step-By-Step Guide

Easy-To-Follow Virtual Tutorials

Practical, Theory and Q & A

Private Community of Meditators

$1000 Valued Program 

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Mental Recalibration


60 Minute Session

Hypnotherapy Session

Personalised Guided Meditation/Recording

Tools and Techniques 

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Human Enhancement Program


6 Weeks

Action Plan For A Higher Energy Life

5 x 60 Minute Deep Dive Coaching Session (Zoom)

1 x Hypnotherapy Session (Recording Inc.)

Signature Resources, Workbooks, 

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"This space gave me reassurance of who I am as an energetic being, capable of changing and creating my experience here. It taught me how to reduce my anxiety and trust and love myself more. It showed me what I valued most and why. It was extremely supportive."


"I've gained value of self love and the full understanding of its importance has a main tool to connect to all that is self. Now I cultivate the beautiful habit of making myself the priority of my pwn life, with patience, compassion and understanding of this wonderful journey. Namaste."


"Before starting this course, I thought this would be simple and after finishing it my life would be the same. Fortunately, I was completely wrong! For someone that is starting her spiritual journey, this is the course that gives you the foundations to do an inner travel and to discover your true power. Thank you!"


"This course gave me the tools I needed to move forward, with real-life guidance. Our teacher, Alistair, was real, honest, and so encouraging during this course. He was vulnerable enough to share with us his own life lessons and how the tools he taught us worked to transform his life into the successful one it is today. This course also gave me the feeling of community with the other students, so I wasn't so alone. "


The Space Where Media Is Medicine

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Meet Your MindCoach

Alistair Hart 'The Tech Yogi'.

Hartspace founder and CEO Alistair Hart, is an Australian wellness coach.

Alistair is a qualified Hatha, Tantra and Vedanta Yoga and Pilates teacher, Meditation teacher, Life Coach, and Hypnotherapist. 

Prior to moving into the wellbeing space Alistair had a diverse fast paced background in diplomacy, technology development, start-ups, investment, sales and marketing. 

Today he works as a holistic trainer to leaders in some of the world's top organisations. Alistair connects the mastering of the mind and the emotions, with building a high energy body that supports a high energy life.

Alistair can be found facilitating Hartspace's flagship program 'Millennial Momentum'. A custom-built community supporting the Gen Y leaders of tomorrow by enhancing their health, resilience and energy management practices. 

Meet The Hartspace Team

"Being at the table means knowing who you represent, and what you stand for" - Alistair Hart

Proud Partner.

YARN Australia is a Social Enterprise focused on creating relationships between Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People and non-Indigenous Australians by intentionally connecting with individuals, communities, schools and organisations across the country.


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