Can You Choose Happiness? Here's How You Can..


Would you like to be happy for the rest of your life?

Would you like to release all of your pain, trauma, suffering, and even be able to insure yourself against it for the rest of your life?

Well, if you do, then read this because it outlines how you can do this.

It's a full-proof system 15,000 years old. 

Before I begin, for some context, this message came into my awareness today in the midst of conducting some market research for my upcoming program.

Millennial Momentum Mastery (more to come on that soon.)

What arose, after looking at the stats available online is that all people desire happiness. Truly. Obviously... 

Yet, most people who suffer a lack of it in their life are often experiencing the symptoms of countless other issues, like anxiety, stress, fear, physical pain, anger, or worry.

What's crazy is in today's world there is still debate on what the solutions are to help people overcome these problems, in general terms.

With the aim...

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Who is Alistair Hart?

about ancestry bio coach founder Aug 20, 2020

Who is Alistair Hart? 

Alistair Hart is an Australian wealth, vitality, and fulfillment coach and founder of Hartspace. Alistair has over a decade of direct experience in personal transformation, detoxification, and inner engineering - of mind, body, and spirit.

As a surfer, entrepreneur and self-identified mystic Alistair walks between two worlds.

Actively spending time in remote places, in contemplative self-study, he has a thirst for living a colorful life of embodied spirituality and practical mysticism.

Alistair's vision is to create an intergenerational wellbeing service that can last one thousand years.

Talk about a big vision! This clarity of purpose has come after much trial and error.

As Alistair explains it;

"I spent the first 20 odd years of my life going external and seeking the truth. Searching for my purpose, and chasing after the recipe for 'the dream life'. Then it...

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The Wealth Within - Beyond Spiritual Ego, Narcissism and The Missionaries Life

Here are some of my personal learnings and insights on how I reconciled and released the illusion of my identity.

Specifically the identification of being 'spiritual' in an increasingly polarised world.

Identifying as "super-spiritual" had recently got me stuck in becoming charged and attached to the heavier energies of life, that we can all sense right now.

Living from a place that saw the world as suffering from 'spiritual warfare'. Having to wake up each day to feel the sorrows of the world and then toiling away to keep the light in and the darkness at bay.

It was just heavy-duty, and despite what some of you may think, it was not 'imagined' it's real. That said, it's as real as I make it. 

So what if I remade myself again, at a deeper level and let go of the armor? The martyrdom included.

Over the last month, I reassessed some of my objectives, my methods, and my mission.

I asked myself honestly, why I wanted some of...

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What a New Moon Mean's To Me

I'm sure many of you have your own go-to astrological outlet.

I personally, keep close council of a few astrologers and stay up to date with the movements and positions of the celestial bodies.


The short answer is, the macrocosmic situation influences our microcosmic situation.

If we look at the skies as a cosmic conversation, with all of the planets, stars, moons, nodes, and asteroids as participating in that, it helps to decipher what they talking about. 

The study of the skies is older than recorded time. It is an essential part of the human experience to read the sky. Doing so helps us to interpret the astrological implications of how these conversations influence the human psyche. 

My friend, mentor and go-to astrologer Cal Garrision stated that "at the heart of astrology is the metaphysical principle that mathematical relationships express qualities or tones of energy which manifest in numbers, visual angles, shapes, and...

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The Power of Innocence In WW3

Just a message today to share some wisdom that has been helping me throughout the years. I've been applying with more devotion recently and feel its power.

As a community, we are going through a process. It's confronting, uncomfortable, and is challenging us. Big time and it's only just beginning. 

Deep down we all care for others, at some level, yet the times we are in are causing us to point the finger.

To separate, to isolate, to judge, what is right or wrong, what is true and what is false. What is fact and what is fiction and who is to blame.

Everything we think we know is carving out a deeper groove in our psyche, in our minds, and our soul of 'how it is'. 

We are building walls of perception that fit our world view in order to make sense of what is happening. Filtering out and disqualifying everything else.

We do this to make us feel like we have control, that we know what we are doing and why we do it. 

We tell ourselves that we have the wisdom...

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It’s human to feel scared, worried and fearful about how things will work out for you. 


This time of Great Change may make you feel more uncertain about your health, wealth and relationships - about your future, and your family.


There is ONE THING that will strike out this fear and confusion from your life. 


This message is an invitation to welcome it in and build unshakeable strength and faith at this time.


This one thing doesn’t need your acceptance of it to exist. It asks nothing from you, yet it gives you everything. 


In fact it is the severance from this one thing that causes the greatest suffering.


Everything that goes ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ stems back to this one thing.


It is not Jesus, although, it may be for you...


This one thing is your connection to Spirit. 


It is your sacred relationship with a higher power, with yourself. With the Universe, The...

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How To Orgasm Your Way To The Bank & Manifest Through Self-Pleasure

In my previous email, I shared the power of visualising your perfect day and writing it down. Maybe you tried it maybe you didn't.

What if I told you that you can also manifest your dream life through your orgasm...

Maybe you might want to try that?

Yep, I am saying you can climax your way to the bank - if that's what you want...

Both can be an exciting process. The main takeaway from the first act of writing your dream day down is that it helps to clarify what you want in your life.

As for the orgasm, let me share a little secret I have been using to create my dream life.

The following message refers to sensuality and self-pleasure. So feel free to tune out now if you that is a bit too personal for you to explore...

A powerful secret a wise old woman told me was the importance of using the power of orgasmic energy for the purposes of manifestation. 

It works because the heightened state of pleasure and the vibration that it holds...

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The Power of The Dream Day

Do you know what your dream day looks like?

Can you walk yourself through it moment by moment, and see the entire surroundings and those you're with?

There is this tool in personal development circles of writing down your dream day in detail. From the moment you wake up to the moment you close your eyes.

Sense it. Feel it. Write it.

What does it consist of, where is it, what are you doing?

This is the process of unpacking the non-specific, 'kind of' vibes and aspirations into tangible experiences.

It may take a few pages worth of writing by it is the most incredible process that clarifies what you want in life. 

It is like the foundation of your manifestation capability.

I recently rewrote my dream day, having awoken to much of it already.

Now came time for the revision. From waking up to the ocean breeze, in clean cotton sheets, and hearing the sound of the waves next to my beloved.

To meditating on my balcony before dawn, to the details of the shower tiles, kitchen bench, the...

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When Life Sends You Red Flags


Most of us know by now that the universe and our higher self is constantly talking with us, guiding us and directing us. It's when we don't listen to it that we can run into challenges that are even harder to deal with because we are not living in alignment with our truth.

What does that mean?

Accepting and embodying our values, our deeper calling, our heart, and our self-worth. In other words, we are not creating the highest possible destiny for ourselves by getting on the 'fate train' of our lives.

Instead, we take another path 'away' from this. The reason for this is because we need to resolve the issues of whatever that path is showing us. It could be around self-worth, it was for me.

Until we resolve the issue we will continue to take that tough lesson path again and again until we learn what needs to be learned. What you resist persists, right?

I have done this so many times in my life, letting my ego get in the way instead of my heart. Which often took me into relationships...

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The Importance of Connecting With Yourself, As A Man

As a man, in today’s world I see so much opportunity for self-growth and self-connection. It’s clear there is so much work to be done, yet it can be done with joyful surrender. 

Despite all the distractions and challenges, there is so much beauty and love to be had for those who commit to going within. 

Men today are remembering this sacred power of self-connection. I think it's this that is going to unf#ck the planet. Less ego, more heart, and connection.

Everything in life is within. This inner kingdom is where we manifest and project our reality. It is the garden in which we bear the fruits of life for ourselves, our family, and our earth.  

To ‘know thyself’ is the task each human being is asked of in this life, I feel. Yet, reality has most people chasing the external. Wandering and worshipping after the external. It all begins and ends within. 

It is so important to connect with yourself, every day, every moment. Every choice...

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